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"seoha82" is a couple channel run by seoha and her partner.

Seoha is a slender, tall woman with large breasts😍
She shows her good body uncensored.

The content of the video is mostly cunnilingus scenes.
There were several videos where she was cunnilingus for more than 10 minutes.
You can see cunnilingus in various postures such as M-shaped spread legs, doggy style, facesitting and sixty-nine.

On the other hand, there probably won't be any fellatio scenes.
I haven't checked all the videos, but usually there's no need to look for them.
I feel like it's a shame that there's no standard blow job, but I think that's the operator's commitment.

Gonzo is mainly doggy style or missionary position.
The missionary position, where she boldly spreads her long and beautiful legs and gets fucked, is erotic.

Although seoha's face is shown in the thumbnail image, she is wearing a mask in the video.

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Channel name seoha82 Operator name seoha(ソハ)


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Number of videos 139 Video views 1,411,129
Date of data collection : 2024-05-19

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