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An uncensored masturbation video channel operated by Nezukojapan.
The name and channel name are the same, so it's easy to understand.

All videos are uncensored.
There are lots of close-ups of pussy, and Nezukojapan's moans are sexy and cute, which is great.

There are many interesting videos, but the one you must see is "Dripping Love Juice😍"
The more she masturbates, the more juices she produces, and it's just so erotic!

I also recommend cosplay masturbation videos, which feature a variety of cute costumes.

They also run a couples channel, run by nezukojapan and her partner.
" ThePerfectJapanese " mainly features Gonzo.

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Number of videos 104 Video views 60,434,027
Date of data collection : 2024-07-14

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