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"aoimaria117" is a couple channel run by Aoi and Maria, also known as "Aomari Couple."
There are many videos of loving sex between two loving people.

Maria has a beautiful well-balanced body and beautiful breasts😍
The areolas are small, and the size is neither too big nor too small, and the breasts are firm and beautiful.
There is no doubt that you will want to lick it.
In fact, I often see Aoi doing baby play (licking her nipples while lying on her lap).

The content of the video is, of course, lovey-dovey sex.
Maria not only has a cute gasping voice, but her lines during sex are also very lovey-dovey and very erotic.
Her lines are so erotic that you can tell that she loves being penetrated deep inside.

There are standard date scenes on couple channels, but the one at the end of the video is unique.
Although the order is opposite to the usual one, it is good to have a structure that emphasizes eroticism rather than flow.

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Number of videos 123 Video views 22,537,517
Date of data collection : 2024-07-14

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