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"room_103" is a couple channel.
It's run by a woman who has a boyfriend and a man, and they say, ``If her boyfriend finds out, they'll disband immediately,'' so let's hope they don't find out.

Details such as name are unknown, but the woman's breasts are G cup!
Moreover, her body is surprisingly slender, and her ribs stand out in the missionary position.
Her limbs are long and slender, making her look like a gravure idol.

A woman with such an erotic body shows off Gonzo in various positions in the video.
Not only is she in cowgirl position with her big boobs swaying, but you can't miss her doggy style, which has a great line from her back to her buttocks.
Her gasping voice sounds a little childish, and is erotically cute.

There are a variety of situations, from everyday sex to cosplay and soft SM.
Most of the videos are short, but most of them are erotic from beginning to end, so I think you'll be satisfied even if they're short.

In addition, some recent videos have mosaics covering the entire screen.
If you think the mosaic is a nuisance, it might be better to watch the past videos first.

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