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"M-pochi" is a couple channel run by Lisa and Mpochi.
Mainly soft SM.

Most of the video consists of Lisa blaming Mpochi.
There are quite a lot of variations, such as hand jobs, tickling, anal development, nipple torture, etc.
I think it's a bit selective because the video features a man's gasping voice.
However, it is certain that a woman who tortures someone happily is very erotic.
I think there are many men who would enjoy it just by looking at it.

“Facesitting” is also recommended play.
This is a play that appears frequently, and the way Lisa's hips shake while forcing her to perform cunnilingus is quite erotic.

There is also a pattern in which Lisa is blamed.
It may be difficult to find them because there are so many videos, but you can hear their violent gasping voices when their hands and feet are restrained and caressed.

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Channel name M-pochi Operator name リサ&えむぽち


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Date of data collection : 2024-06-19

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