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"cosplayhands" is a cosplay and handjob channel run by Kiuchi.

There is a huge variety of cosplay costumes, including the standard uniform, shrine maiden outfits, Chinese dresses, school swimsuits, and more.
This is a video where you can enjoy watching a woman giving a handjob in various costumes.
A 3P (2 women) version is also available.

[UPDATE 2022-08-25]
In addition to Kiuchi, videos featuring Himari ( @TokyoDolls01 ) and Rico ( @animehands01 ) are also currently being distributed.
Himari appears in a threesome handjob video, and Rico appears in an anime cosplay handjob video.

There are also separate fan clubs, with Kiuchi's main one being OnlyFans.
Fantia is mainly for 3P, while Fansly is for anime cosplay.

[UPDATE 2024-02-27]
The channel has been deleted.

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Date of data collection : 2024-05-19

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