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"Kokeshi_Frau" is a channel specializing in masturbation videos.

All videos uploaded are uncensored 😍
Moreover, her "pussy" with thin pubic hair, a small slit, and a bulging clitoris is clearly visible in all the close-up shots!
This is a channel that delivers extremely erotic videos, which makes sense with the catchphrase displayed at the beginning of the video, ``Climax masturbation that encourages your cum.''

There seem to be two types of masturbation.
The first one is ``immersive,'' meaning it focuses on what you feel.
With this type, the only sounds you hear are gasping voices and the sounds of the toy, making it a realistic masturbation experience.
The other type is the "talking type", in which he keeps saying dirty words.
There is also a pattern in which the viewer is treated as the master and has erotic lines heard.
No matter which pattern you choose, your sexy voice will be irresistible!

The toys she uses include dildos, rotors, electric massagers, and vibrators.
Of course, there is also masturbation using beautiful fingers.
This may be a side note, but the operator's occupation listed on the profile is ``Nurse.''
It makes sense when you look at her neatly styled nails without any manicure.

Chikney is something you can't miss.
Although the number is small, it is a valuable video where you can see the operator's breasts.

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