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"Emuyumi_Couple" with over 130,000 subscribers.
Among Japanese, the number of registrants is top level.

The reason for its popularity is obvious after watching a few videos.

First of all, you two have amazing bodies😍
Ayumi has beautiful breasts that are neither too big nor too small.
Her boyfriend, Doemukun, is a well-trained thin macho and big cock.
It is a couple with an erotic body that you can't think of as an amateur.

In addition, the variety of videos is also a feature.
From soft SM to cosplay SEX, patterns of lovey-dovey trips, and how-to SEX courses.
It is a highly tolerant channel that satisfies people who want to masturbate, people who want to enjoy flirting, and even those who want to study SEX.

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Channel name Emuyumi_Couple Operator name えむゆみカップル


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Number of videos 317 Video views 243,675,373
Date of data collection : 2024-06-19

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